Sunday, April 26, 2009


I recently visited my father in the suburbs of Seattle. He is a collector of sorts and an artist. He is a self taught artist and has been making work for the past 15 years. Artwork is hanging everywhere! Even in the bathroom! Photographs and rare old books are stacked high in piles. I did not have time to steal his good books. I took photos of my favorites.

Below is a picture of my grandmother in a really cool frame with a collage in the background that my dad made.

I guess you can say he is also a bit of a hippy. One of his favorite posters in the guestroom.

My grandfather posing with dice. OG!

Took this unusual card from my dads collection. It is so surreal! Pink bubble magic!

More bubbles....

Images from a book my dad found recently. I think it was a student collaboration (reed college in California) from the early 1960's-70's. Below are a couple of pictures that were in the book. It is full of hand calligraphy, poems, photos, and artwork.


Below are collages that my dad made. Not sure when he finished them? Funny how he uses fashion often in his pictures!

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