Monday, July 6, 2009

Spring 10 & printing in action...

We recently shot spring 2010 this last weekend. I really enjoyed the team I worked with. Ben Mayorga was the photographer and Sharon Maloney was the stylist. Can't wait to share the pictures!

I also borrowed some jewelry from Brian Crumley. Brian often combines printed silks and chains, hand carved wooden bangles, and combines magical glass baubles that are suspended on his signature heavy duty links . They are exquisitely crafted and have wonderful hand and weight that give the jewelry a presence. I love jewelry that feels good on you. "Brian continues to explore his passion for abstracting form and function, allowing the medium to influence his design. He is creating a new graphic language, a compilation of graphic design and sculptural form. His designs are bold, clean, and always chic."

Sharon touching up the model Alison. Tamara Brown did the makeup and hair.

Our last shot done in the stairwell.
Alison chilling with her yoyo in my favorite dress!
Ben in action....
More of my favorite dress the backside.

Pottery my husband made with some delicious food...He used one my prints from first collection. More to come!
My Fabric being printed here in San Francisco. Here are some shots of the studio. I love the ink table. Beautiful layers of color and ink.

Amazing print done by the owner.


amanda said...

Loved checking out the pics. Looking forward to Fall 09 being on!

andrea said...

love seeing the printing in progress!!